On Carving Communities

  • S.M. Kamphorst. 2016. ‘Introductie op lopend onderzoek. ‘Carving Communities in Stone: inscripties als medium van Hellenistische globalisering’, Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie 55. (download)


Other publications by the author

Print publications

  • Harder, M.A., O.M. Van Nijf, E.M. Nikolaou, with contributions by T.M. Dijkstra and S.M. Kamphorst. Under review (submitted to Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik). ‘Inscriptions from Halos’
  • Dijkstra, T.M., J.Z. van Rookhuijzen and S.M. Kamphorst. Forthcoming (2017, submitted & accepted by BABesch). ‘Investigating ancient Halos: marking forty years of archaeological research on a city in Thessaly’
  • S.M. Kamphorst. 2015. ‘Een Podium voor Polisproblematiek’, Lampas 48 (2).

Online publications

  • Sjoukje Kamphorst & Caroline van Toor. 2017. Tagungsbericht of the conference ‘Strategies of Remembrance in Greece under Rome’ on the H/Soz/Kult website by Clio-Online.
  • Sjoukje Kamphorst. 2014. ‘A Funeral to Remember: The imagined past of the funeral oration as a source of resilience’, Acta Historica 3.3


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